b'MUSIC GENERATIONThisfollowsthelandmarkcommitmentmadebyAnThat Music Generation continues to flourish is a testament to what can be achieved TaoiseachLeoVaradkar,T.D.inDecember2017,tothrough meaningful public-philanthropic partnership-working. I would like to particu-supportfullnationwideroll-outofMusicGenerationlarly acknowledge the commitment of our government partners in the Department of to all remaining cities and counties by 2022, as part of Education and Skills who have backed this fantastic initiative for the long-term and who the Creative Ireland Programme plan. ThisisahugelyimportantmomentforMusicare now supporting it to grow nationally, in addition to the local partners in new and Generation,andevidenceofwhattrulyrevolutionary,existing areas whose on-the-ground leadership is vital to the programs success. long-lasting achievements can be gained through strategicCaitrona Fottrell, Vice President & Director Ireland of The Ireland Funds partnership-working between philanthropy, Government and local partners.The original 7m donation from U2 and The IrelandMusic and the arts inspire us all and Music Generation is having enormous impacts Funds that established Music Generation in 2010 was thein communities, with young people having instrument, ensemble, voice and choral largest single philanthropic donation to music educationexperiences that simply wouldnt be possible without this program. I am delighted that in the history of the state. In July 2017 U2 and The Ireland Funds, with support from the Stavros Niarchos Foundationtodays announcement brings us even closer to our goal of giving children in every county and Bank of America, gifted a further combined donation ofaccess to this opportunity. Minister for Education and Skills, Joe McHugh T.D.6.3m to expand Music Generation into new areas of Ireland.The tangible outcomes and long lasting impact of Music Generation have also already secured ongoing, sustainable partnership funding of 3.5m annually from the Depart-ment of Education and Skills, which is matched by local partners. By 2022 its estimated that the total annual funding contribution from the exchequer, together with Local Music Education Partnerships, will reach 13m. Looking ahead to 2022, the original vision of Music Generations parent company, Music Network, for a publicly supported national system of local music education services appears close on the horizon. minister for education & skills, joe mchugh,t.d.with young musicians from south dublinconnect 201918'