b'AOIBHEANN OBRIEN, CEO OF FOODCLOUD HUBS FoodCloud Hubs was delighted and honored to receive The Ireland Funds Flagship Grant for 2017/18. We utilized the 90k provided through The Ireland Funds Grant to support in engaging the food industry to encourage donation of surplus food, thus directly increasing our impact and contributing to our nancial sustainability. This funding continues to support us in scaling the positive impact of our work to communities across the country. Equine EnrichmentFoodCloudDerry PlayhouseNorthern Ireland numeracy development.DR. JOSEPHINE BLEACH, DICuan Mhuire ITIATIVE AT THE NATIONAL COLLEGE OF IRELAND With support from The Ireland Funds, our Parent Child Home Program (PCHP), an innovative, home based literacy and parenting program, has helped hundreds of parents to develop the condence and skills to support their childrens language, literacy and RECTOR , EARLY LEARNING IN As CEO of CMRF Crumlin I would like to extend thanks to The Ireland Funds, and ourconnect 20197supporters. Thank you for sharing our vision that every sick child deserves every chance, and for making an impact for childrens health today, tomorrow and forever.LISA-NICOLE DUNNE, CEO OF CHILDRENS MEDICAL RESEARCH FOUNDATIONCRUMLIN'