b'AROUND THE WORLD SINGAPORE2 events1 2 3 4 5The Ireland Funds Singapore Red Dot Green DotMay, 2019Now an annual and established event in its third year,LASALLEthe Singapore / Ireland theme of the evening, andFrankie Meehan s hilarious College of the ArtshostedRed Dot Green Dot 2019with The Ireland Fundsportrayal ofSeamus ORouke s The Hard Border had the audience in tears of Singapore in May. The event featured an assortment of cultural entertainmentlaughter. This fun evening and collaboration, with funds raised supporting The from traditional Irish music, musical theatre, improvised jazz, poetry and ofMcNally Legacy at LASALLE, was a wonderful tribute to LASALLEs founder, course traditional Irish story telling. The performers, LASALLE students andthe late BrotherJoseph McNally . Special thanks to theEmbassy of Irelandfor enthusiastic members of the Irish community in Singapore, were exemplary insupporting the event. Congratulations to all involved for such a successful night, their level of commitment, with love of their pieces adding power and emotionin particularAlvan Looand the LASALLE production and technical teams, and to the performances, which included some fantastic original student composi- Frankie Meehan andTim ODwyer , the Artistic Directors.tions. Virtuoso SingaporeanJames Chanwas an audience favorite with jigs and reels on the flute. AmbassadorPat Bourne s fabulous recital of Ulysses by the Merlion by Singaporean poetEdwin Thumboodelightfully encompassed1Audience Members 4Ambassador Bourne2LASALLE students 5Frankie Meehan3James Chan, Gerry FoxPhotos: Isabel Lim1 2 THANK YOU, Sheila Lim! The Ireland Funds Singapore bids a fond farewell toSheila Lim , whosethe altruistic spirit of the Irish diaspora and generous Singaporeans in support. dedication as Emerald Ball organizer for all ten events has been instrumentalThe Ireland Funds Singapore is grateful and very appreciative of Sheilas to the success of fundraising efforts in Singapore. Sheila, who hails originallydedication and invaluable contributions over the last ten years and for her from Dublin and is married to a Singaporean, continually brought a uniquemeaningful legacy of bringing people together to give back to society. Indeed, perspective to the ball informed by her extensive experience of living inher remarkable insights and unfailing passion and devotion, as well as her warm Singapore for many years. Under her guidance, the Emerald Ball, whichsmile and cheerful disposition will be greatly missed as she steps down from celebrates a different theme every year (from The Great Gatsby, to A Wildeher role to spend more time with her family, grandchildren and hobbies. We Night and the 10th Emerald Ball last year) has succeeded in raising substan- do however look forward to Sheila relaxing and enjoying this yearsCabaret tial funds for The Ireland Funds Singapores affiliated charities, demonstratingEmerald Ballas a guest. 1Dr. Stanley Quek and Sheila Lim2Sheila Lim, Colin MacDonald, Mrs. Noor QuekFriend of the Arts Award 2019July, 2019The Ireland Funds Singapore was delighted to be awardedFriend of the Arts Awardby theNational Arts Council Singaporeat their annual awards ceremony and dinner. The award, which recognizes The Ireland Funds Singapores continued contribution to the arts in Singapore, was presented byGrace Fu , Minister for Culture, Community & Youth to Mrs.Noor Quek,a Director of The Ireland Funds Singapore. connect 201996'