b'Your Legacy C A N R E F L E C T A L L T H A T I S I M P O R T A N T T O Y O UMy philanthropy is motivated by a wish to give back and a desire to see Ireland reach her full potential. The Ireland Funds have been a major focal point for the Irish diaspora to come together, reconnect with their heritage and support good work at home. John Ryan, CaliforniaThe Heritage SocietyENSURES THAT YOUR LOVE OF IRELAND BRINGS BENEFITS TODAY AND FOR GENERATIONS TO COME.During our long association with The Ireland Funds we have witnessed its ability to recognize and respond to the opportunities that make a real impact in Ireland. We chose to make our bequest an undirected gift: so they will continue to have the flexibility to respond to a range of areas that they determine have the most pressing needs. By doing so, we are ensuring that they will continue to effectively help Ireland now and in the future.Kip and Peggy Condron, New YorkWE INVITE YOU TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW TO CREATE A LASTING LEGACY FOR IRELAND. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:Kyle Clifford, Vice President of Development345 Park Avenue, Floor 17, New York NY 10154T2126893100Ekclifford@irelandfunds.orgThe American Ireland Fund (dba The Ireland Funds America) is a 501c3 nonprofit recognized by the IRS. Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.'