b'SUASPeople mightnt realize how powerful it is. Having an adult that sits down and gives them real attentionone-to-one time. The condence building that happens, the rise in self-esteem, is palpable. Its about making them feel and believe that Im an important personits therapeutic on so many differ-ent levels. It makes coming into a library, reading,attendingschoolfunandvery positive. Some kids are so behind, one-to-one is pure gold dust. It makes the most impact. Especially if its someone from outside the school environment who wins trust and de-velops a good relationship with the student. testimony from teachers on the impact of suasIveseenrst-hand,hereonthe ground, in classrooms, in the library, the impact of this work. How can you put a value on that? Its priceless. And whateveritcosts,itsmoneysowell spent.Itssuchaleanmodelanyway. The amazing Mentors are volunteers. So its all about training them well, getting them here so they can work magic, and making sure they come back. So in that sense, every euro is put into the childs problemandthechildspotentialto solve that problem. connect 201914'