b"GREAT BRITAIN YOUNG LEADERS SOCIETY 1 21Eanna Drury, Laura Tynan, Ashleigh Carr, John Grifn2Tom O'Sullivan, Byron Fry, Declan Cole, Conor O'Beirne3Leadership discussion with John GrifnPhotos: The Ireland Funds Great Britain3London Global Leadership Series with John Grifn APRIL,2019 Straight-talking businessman John Grifn, founder ofhe explained that The John Grifn Foundation has committed 10 million to Addison Lee, a company he grew to become one of Londons most identi- building an extension to the Northwick Park Institute for Medical Research able brands, joined The Ireland Funds Great Britain at the Lansdowne Clubin north London. The center is leading the way in regenerative medicine, in Mayfair to share his story and insights with the Young Leaders. Mr. Grifn,specically around the development of natural tissue scaffolds to replace 76, started his business with one car in 1975 and sold it in 2013 for 300surgically removed or traumatized tissues. In addition, he is an Investor in the million. During the course of the one-hour session, he repeated his belief inRoyal Mint Gardens Development in London.hard work, being alert to opportunities to win business, being self-disciplined, believing in ones self and the benets of loving what you do, as being key com-ponents in achieving long-term success. However, Mr. Grifn also cautioned the Young Leaders to keep family as a priority in life. An active philanthropist, connect 2019111"