b'GOOD SHEPHERD CORKJennifers storyis not uncommon in Ireland. Good Shepherd CorkREDCLYFFE:a family hub and support to familiesHOW HAS THE IRELAND FUNDS works with these women, children and families whoin Bed and Breakfast accommodation:HELPED? are homeless, or at risk of homelessness. Good Shep- Inmid-2018Redclyffewasopened.Itisa70-bedGood Shepherd Cork received two grants through the herd Cork is the only agency in Cork that can admitfamily hub to provide temporary accommodationSmall Grants Round 2017 and 2018, totalling 7,000. and care for children who are homeless. Grounded infor families. Outreach Workers support a further 50These grants have enabled women to stay in emer-a belief in social justice and equality, it addresses thefamilies in B&Bs who cannot be accommodated atgency accommodation and receive therapeutic sup-root causes of homelessness and social exclusion andEdel House or Redclyffe when the services are at fullport as well as education and personal development. aims to break the cycle of homelessness through gen- capacity.The grants have also allowed them to provide sum-erations. All backgrounds, ages and stages of life aremer camp places for children staying in emergency welcomed and served. RIVERVIEW:residential care for teenage girls:accommodation.LifeinemergencyaccommodationisextremelyRiverview helps girls ages 15 - 19 who are homelessThe Ireland Funds is pleased in addition to benefit-stressful for children. Research shows that homeless- achieve greater resilience and wellbeing. Key workersting from the Small Grants Round, our introduction ofness in childhood can lead to poor health, low self-es- engage on a one-to-one basis with each girl to helpGoodShepherdsworktootherfundingsources teem, problems in school, alienation, and ultimately,them to resolve issues and to move on to independentopened additional opportunities to the value ofas an adult, high risk of future homelessness. But asliving or to return to their families, whichever is most300,000 over 3 years.the homelessness crisis increases, people are stay- appropriate. Thereisacrisisoffamilyhomelessnessin ing in emergency accommodation for longer periods,Ireland, says Allison Aldred, CEO of Good Shepherd typically several months and sometimes over a yearBAILE AN AOIRE: longer-term Cork. Support from The Ireland Funds is helping us as it becomes increasingly difficult to find affordablesupported and transitional housing:to break this tragic cycle by allowing us to develop housing. Baile An Aoire offers quality accommodation to sin- and deliver educational and therapeutic supports to In response to this crisis, Good Shepherd Corkgle adult women in a safe and nurturing community.womenandchildreninourservices,encouraging isprovidingwomen,childrenandfamilieswithaThere are also two apartments which provide transi- themtolearn,developskills,improvehealthand safe place to stay and practical supports to find andtional housing for vulnerable families. build their self-esteem and resilience and so better move on to secure long-term housing; along with acope with and move on from the trauma of homeless-wide range of educational, therapeutic and emotional BRUAC: education and development:ness. It is these additional supports that can really supports to build the resilience and coping skills toGoodShepherdCorksEducation&Developmentmake a positive difference to the long-term well-being best manage the many stresses of homelessness. Itsprogram,basedatBruac,offersfresheducationalof our service users and we are extremely grateful to services include: opportunitiestogirlsandwomenwhoareunableThe Ireland Funds for their encouragement and as-to access mainstream education. Students are oftensistance.EDEL HOUSE:emergency accommodation: highly vulnerable and dealing with a range of issues EdelHouseisemergencyaccommodationforwhichpreventthemaccessingmainstreamservic- ONGOING FUNDING women and children who find themselves homeless.es. The approach is to place an equal emphasis onOPPORTUNITIES Every night there are over 50 women and children inpersonal as well as educational development. Good Shepherd Cork is seeking funds to be able to residence with a staff that works with women to helpcontinue and expand these supports to families to them to return to independent living as quickly asSUPPORT AND ADVOCACY: include:possible.A Support and Advocacy team personalizes servicesAdrop-infacilityforfamiliesstayinginB&Bs tomeettheindividualneedsofeachwomanandwhere they could do laundry and make a family meal child as they progress to sustainable independent liv- (estimated cost 20,000 set up and one year running ing. Support and Advocacy workers actively involvecosts).women in decision making and planning, providingMore one-to-one and group therapeutic supports practical and emotional support as well as links toforvulnerablewomenandchildrene.g.counsel-other appropriate services. ling, play or art therapy, parent and toddler program (cost approx. 16,000)Aprogramofsportsandphysicalactivities forchildrenlivinginemergencyaccommodation (cost approx. 7,500)Furniture,bedding,kitchenitemsetc.forthe newly-expandedEdelHousefacility.(costapprox. 120,500 to fully equip the expanded and re-furbished shelter)connect 201946'