b'Connect R / 2019FALL / WINTEThe Ireland Funds is a global philanthropic network established in 1976 to promote and support peace, culture, education and community development throughout the island of Ireland, and Irish-related causes around the world. With chapters in 12 countries, The Ireland Funds has raised over $600 million for deserving causes in Ireland and beyond, beneting more than 3,200 different organizations.On the Cover:In July, The Ireland Funds announced the opening of the 2019 Grant Rounds with nancial support for non-prot organisations in Ireland. Pictured: Geoff Harte of Dogs for the Disabled (an organization which has received support from The Ireland Funds) and his assistance dog, Jazz; Katie Norris, Grants Manager for The Ireland Funds; Caitriona Fottrell, Director of The Ireland Funds; and Labrador puppies en route to training in Cork. Photo: Mark StedmanManaging Editor / Feature WriterFor copies of The Ireland Funds Americas Rachel Alabiso, ralabiso@irelandfunds.org audited accounts, Art Direction / Design go to www.irelandfunds.org Hania Khuri-Trapper, Khuri Design, www.khuridesign.com We welcome your comments about The Ireland W.E. Andrews Plant Funds and Connect magazine. Please send all Lead Project Photographer Aengus McMahon correspondence to the Editor.www.irelandfunds.orgconnect 20194'