b'TheIrelandFundssupportedthe establishmentofNorthernIrelands qrs,dudq\x03ok`mmdc\x03hmsdfq`sdc\x03rbgnnk+\x03Lagan College in 1981, and has been `\x03 knmf,rs`mchmf\x03 o`qsmdq\x03 `mc\x03 eqhdmc\x03foralmostfourdecades.Here,Paul Caskey,HeadofCampaignforthe Integrated Education Fund in North,ernIreland,sharesthejourneyof IntegratedEducation.Paulisalso aparentofthreeyoungchildren experiencinganintegratedprimary and post primary education.NorthernhIrelandha proudd historyhioff qualitylischools, many continuingi ito deliver an excellentlledu-l d has h l d li dcation for their pupils. We dont wish to change that proud tradition, we want to make it even better. To do that, we need to address another characteristic - religious and cultural division. Children tradition-ally attend schools that are mainly Catholic or Protestant in their enrolment, culture and ethos. This separation has served to make it more difficult for young people to create cross community friendships and limits their experience of people who may have different community backgrounds to their own.connect 201933'