b'GoodShepherd CorkI N N U M B E R S In 2018, Good Shepherd Cork worked with over 800 w800 womenomen andand childrenchildren In 2018, Good Shepherd Cork orked with Regret Good Shepherd Corks Edel House had to turn away 232 womenomen and and 230 children230 children because because egrettabltably, in 20182018, , Good Shepherd Corkall beds were fullere fullall beds w Women and children account for o 60% of homeless peoples people in Cork in Corkomen and children account for overer 60% of homeles In March of 2019, the total number ofCork City and Count 109. This is a sIn March of 2019, the total number of families who wfamilies who were homelesere homeless in in Cork City and County wy was as . This is a stark tark increase of nearly 100%y 100% in under a yin under a yearearincrease of nearl The 109 homeless families include 245 children. 55 55 of these children are currently y staying in emergencying in emergency The 109 homeless families include 245 children of these children are currentlaccommodation provided bvided by Good Shepherd Cork (E(Edel House or Redclyffe familyffe family hub) and the remainder are in y hub) and the remainder are in accommodation proprivate emergency accommodation (B&Bs or hotels). ate emergency accommodation (B&Bs or hotels). JENNIFERYoujusthavetobelieveandkeep SUSAN settinggoals.NowIvegotahouse I feel a lot better nowcalmer, moreand my whole life has changed really. confident. I used to think it was the endIm so much more comfortable. I can ROSALEENof the world for meI had to remembersleep at nightI have my own key, my my confidenceswhere they weretheown shower. Im still attending classesGood Shepherd Cork has helped me plan person I used to be. Ive a lot of friendsandlookingintogoingintoFurtherfor my futureit has taught me to never at Good Shepherd Cork. Education.give up. connect 201947'