b'WelcomeJohn Feeney, Brian Dickie, Conor Hillery, Rachel Naughton, Dr. Declan Tiernan join the Board of The Ireland Funds Great BritainJohn Feeney Tyrus CapitalCommenting on his appointment to the Board of Trustees, John said: I am honored to take up this appointment to an organization that provides such remarkable support to so many great causes. At this moment of evolution in the Anglo-Irish relationship, it important the Irish community in Great Britain presents a most positive and constructive voice for Ireland and I hope to represent this in full.Brian Dickie Senior Advisor, InvestcorpBrian was attracted to The Ireland Funds as a way to reconnect with Ireland while supporting causes that I believe in. He and his wife Sue, a Harvard classmate, are passionate supporters of Integrated Education in Northern Ireland which he callsa fundamental prerequisite for lasting peace and a healthy society, and they support arts and education organizations on both sides of the Atlantic.Conor HilleryCo-Head of J.P Morgans nancial services business globallyCommenting on his appointment, Conor said: I got involved with The Ireland Funds Great Britain because I wanted to help a cause with strong Irish connections. The Ireland Funds does very special work supporting Irish communities and causes but its also a great network for the diaspora and friends of Ireland overseas to keep in touch. Im really looking forward to being part of it.Rachel NaughtonHead of Division - AIB (GB)Commenting on her appointment to the Board of Trustees, Rachel said, I have travelled across Great Britain a lot over the last 10 years and have seen many Irish who have come over do very well but I have also seen many who have struggled.With help from some of the great charities The Ireland Funds has supported, these people now have food, a bed and clothes. I think the work the IFGB does is essential for all those in need across Great Britain and Ireland and I am delighted to play a role in broadening its reach further.Dr. Declan TiernanCo-Head of Europe and Partner Oak Hill AdvisorsCommenting on his appointment, Declan said: Im delighted to join the board of The Ireland Funds Great Britain, and, thinking of the generations of Irish people, including many of my own family, who left Ireland to build a life in Britain, it is with an immense sense of pride that I look forward to spending time working with the many worthy organizations and individuals supported by The Ireland Funds, who play such an important role within the Irish community in Britain.Padraig OConnor Padraig has been a member of the London Young Leaders Committee since 2015 and has been involved with The Ireland Funds since 2013. He currently is a Vice President in the Goldman Sachs FICC sales & trading is appointed Chair ofbusiness in London.the London Young LeadersOn his appointment, Padraig said it is an honor to be nominated as chair of the London Young Leaders and represent such a wide group of young people in the UK getting involved in philanthropy. I look forward to Steering Committee working with the many deserving charities and volunteer organizations which The Ireland Funds supports and continuing to grow the member base of the Young Leaders network.connect 201995'