b"CHICAGO YOUNG LEADERS SOCIETY 1 2 3Chicago Leadership Series on Cyber-security and Data PrivacyMAY, 2019 Abbey Canning and James Keeley Chairs of the Chicago1Matt Hiller, Andy Weil2Patrick Canning, guest, Ronan KearyYoung Leaders, hosted a Leadership Series for guests from The Ireland3Quinn McCarthy, Andrew Hartford, James KeeleyFunds Chicago Regional Advisory Committee and the Young Leaders on cy-ber-security and data privacy. It was a fascinating talk about national security, cyber-crimes, theft of trade secrets, fraud, digital footprints, the explosion of unregulated apps and the extent of data theft. Our thanks to Abbey Canning, James Keeley, Matt Hiller, and DLA Piper for this enlightening evening.1 2 2 3Chicago Young Leaders Cubs Baseball Night JUNE, 2019 The Chicago Young Leaders gathered at iconic Wrigley Field1Andrew Hartford, Greg Reintjes, Nick Ngo, Tom O'Neill, Pat Ryan2James Keeley, Abbey Canningto watch the Chicago Cubs vs. the Colorado Rockies. In an exciting game,3James Keeley, Kenzie Ungar, Danny O'Keefe, Tom O'NeillDavid Bote clubbed a three-run homer, a three-run double and an RBI single to lead the Cubs to a 9-8 win. The lovely summer evening was hosted by the Chicago Young Leaders Chairs Abbey Canning and James Keeley. Guests began the night at the Old Crow Smokehouse with a pre-game, rooftop reception. They were able to enjoy some of the best views of the city while connecting with old friends and meeting new ones.connect 2019107"