b'the ireland funds has supportedthe work of suas since 2005. since then,suas has received $300,000+ in support from the ireland funds. over the past two years alone, with support from the ireland funds australia and the ireland funds of $80,000, suas has providedone-to-one support to 3,208 children and recruited over 1,000 volunteermentors. thanks to supporters ofthe ireland funds:97%of children said they enjoyed literacy sessionsof c 85%of children agreed they were better at readingof c 73%said they enjoyed solving maths problemssai 81%said they are happier to take part in maths classsaiWHAT ARE THE SUAS STEPS?1 Find the children most in need of reading and maths sup-port by working with teachers in disadvantaged schools2Recruit and train a fantastic team of volunteer mentors to work 1-to-1 with children most in need ofsupport3 Deliver evidence-based literary and numeracy support interventions to those children most at risk.4 Put in place a robust monitoring and evaluation processto ensure mentors and funding are being used in the mosteffective was possible.connect 201915'