20th November, 2013

Dallas Evening with Rev Bill Shaw, OBE of The 174 Trust, Belfast, N.I. 2013

On November 20, 2013, AIF Texas Regional Advisory Board member, Beth Struckell, welcomed friends of The American Ireland Fund to a wonderful evening featuring the Rev. Bill Shaw, O.B.E. as well as members of the Belfast Sisters dance troupe.

This past summer Beth Struckell, her daughter Gabby and several other Texas dancers established a dance camp in Belfast for girls from both Northern Ireland communities. The Belfast Sisters Dance Camp attracted more than 35 girls and has since been nominated for the prestigious “Aisling Award”. Also known as the Belfast Oscars, this award is for those who have brought positive change to Belfast’s changing community. Beth and Gabby Struckell, along with will be hosting the Belfast Sisters Dance Camp again in July 2014.

AIF National Board member Mike Corboy joined in the evening with Rev. Shaw, as did AIF supporters Nancy and Barry Crossman, Bobby Holland, and Michael Sullivan. Rev. Bill Shaw’s words about the mission and work of the 174 Trust spurred a fascinating question and answer exchange enjoyed by everyone in the audience.

The specific purpose of this gathering was to raise funds for a new shuttle bus for Rev. Shaw’s use while driving his after school program participants to the 174 Trust from their respective neighborhoods. Although the distances these children would have to travel to reach the 174 Trust is not far, it would not be safe for them to travel on foot. For this reason, a reliable shuttle bus is essential.

The AIF is proud to be a longtime supporter of the work of the 174 Trust and its efforts to build peace and promote reconciliation throughout Belfast.